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New year’s day general manager’s speech

Release time: 2021年12月31日

How far a company can go depends on whether the corporate culture can move from the kingdom of necessity to the kingdom of freedom. According to statistics, at present, the average vitality of most companies is 2.5 years. The reason is that their life cycle is determined by various inevitable reasons such as upstream and downstream resources in the market. In the early days of Huawei's entrepreneurship, Ren Zhengfei once said that how long Huawei's red flag can be played depends on whether their brain resources will be exhausted. This brain is the corporate culture.

So what is the corporate culture of Guochang company? From the summary of the history of its establishment for 15 years, from a company with two or three people in a farmer's apartment to a company with more than 100 people, it should be a slow development, but it is still there. What is it? It's persistence.

The first is strategic decision-making, but the most important thing is to insist. Guochang people do not easily give up the established goal and direction, but constantly revise their way forward in the direction of running.

Second, be able to endure all kinds of difficult torture and training. Over the past 15 years, the people of Guochang have made hundreds of times of efforts and countless sweat, tears and even the test of life and death.

It can be said that today's Guochang is a symphony of life in struggle! Because she has endless bitter history and endless human suffering, she still stands there.

Third, as the old saying goes, first learn to be a man. How to be a man? First, treat people sincerely, be loyal to the team, and put all kinds of kindness and filial piety first. The urgent need of people, timely help, heart to heart, empathy, family and country feelings are the foundation of Guochang's life!

Fourth, sharing, win-win and common struggle are our common goal and the only way to achieve a better life. As long as we Guochang people are guided by this banner, we will strive to meet the needs of our customers and firmly grasp this purpose: meeting customers is the only way out for our Guochang people. Under the guidance of this banner, we Guochang people will abide by the company's management systems, quickly integrate into the company's incentive mechanisms, have the courage to take responsibility, dare to innovate, keep learning, be good at summarizing, be diligent and self disciplined, and strive to be an excellent Guochang people.

With these ideological unity and the unity of values, we Guochang people will be able to unite together, think in one place and make efforts in one place. No matter how great difficulties and obstacles, we can't stop the progress of Guochang people!

Under the guidance of the common goal and ideal of corporate culture, how can our cadres lead their team to achieve the goals and targets set by the company, and how can we really do our best to fulfill their due responsibilities?

The company has made some achievements since its establishment for 15 years, but it has also left many persistent diseases. At the same time, it has bred many decadent and declining ideas and lost the work style of hard struggle, These malignant tumors have slowly invaded Guochang's body, making a very small number of our cadres abandon the company's organizational principles and lose the way forward.

Today, Guochang company relies on the hard work of the cadres and employees after 15 years of struggle. Therefore, over the years, it has formed the characteristic culture of Guochang: doing things cleanly, being a man for nothing, knowing honor and disgrace, having a mission, thinking of the overall situation and daring to take responsibility! Happy dedication, good learning, eternal innovation, diligent struggle, perseverance, gratitude, ideals, down-to-earth and diligence. Therefore, we hope that the majority of cadres and employees will inherit and carry forward these traditions.

Whether a team has the above spirit or not depends on whether the leading cadres are competent, whether they can withstand all kinds of storms, and whether they are truly selfless and dedicated to the development of the company. Because they deeply know that the good and bad of the company are closely related to their fate. (many people say that Fangda is bad, but even under great pressure, many people are reluctant to leave Fangda. For example, some adults are willing to work for Fangda even if they leave home for one or two years. Why? Money? Money is less and less, because they know that without Fangda, life will be more difficult without this platform).

Guochang must also have this platform. In two or three years, it depends on the efforts of our generation of Guochang people. People who want to come to Guochang in the future must have barriers, and not everyone can come in. The first thing I want to talk about here is to understand and be able to integrate into and identify with Guochang corporate culture, so that Guochang talents will have a sense of gain, honor and happiness, enjoy the joy of successful people in their struggle, become the elite of society, and make themselves a truly noble person!

Today is the last day of 2021. 2021 is about to pass. What have Guochang people done in the past year? As we all know, in the era of epidemic, all industries are struggling and moving forward with heavy loads. In particular, the traditional service industries such as hotel, tourism, aviation and real estate have reached the darkest hour, and many small, medium and micro enterprises are facing the test of life and death every day.

Guochang company is still standing. Although it has only been 15 years, each step has experienced purgatory like suffering. Just like a small boat sailing in the vast sea, there is a risk of being swallowed up at any time, but the people of Guochang cut through thorns and thorns with the spirit of giving up their own lives, struggling to fight one evil wave after another, and sailing to the bright shore that they have always dreamed of in their hearts.

We should always thank the strivers of Guochang, because you have shared weal and woe for 15 years and treated each other wholeheartedly, so as to have Guochang today! We should always be grateful to generations of Guochang people. It is because of your selfless dedication, perseverance and never say die spirit that we can have the tomorrow of Guochang.

2021 is an extremely extraordinary year. Firstly, Guochang successfully completed and accepted the upgrading and reconstruction project of hydrogen coking wastewater in Xingang atmosphere, which is the largest environmental protection EPC project completed since the establishment of Guochang, creating a milestone of in-depth cooperation with Baowu group! It has laid a solid foundation for the future comprehensive cooperation between Guochang and Baowu group.

Second, through our joint efforts and cooperation with Baowu water, we won the bid for the first coking reclaimed water reuse project in the history of Guochang, and opened the precedent of one-stop treatment of coking wastewater from beginning to end.

Third, it has increased the procurement of two raw fuels, the supply of coke particles of Jiujiang lead zinc and coke powder of Xingang, so as to better complete the sales of the company's headquarters and ensure the source of daily wages and various expenses of the headquarters!

Fourth, the opening of Dongli teahouse has given Guochang a newer and higher cooperation platform, improved the company's image and provided strong support for the company to expand the market in the future!

Therefore, at the moment when I am about to bid farewell to 2021, a year of different historical significance, I sincerely thank the cadres and employees of Guochang for every drop of hard sweat they have paid for Guochang with the courage of never giving up, daring to take responsibility, daring to be the first and indomitable courage! And sincerely thank your family for their support and understanding of you and Guochang!

We firmly believe that Guochang will overcome one difficulty after another and realize the dream of win-win and yearning for a better life with the joint efforts of the fighters.